ProfiClear Premium Compact Pumping Oase


ProfiClear Premium Compact Pumping Oase

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How does this drum filter work?

The filter consists mainly of a tank in which is housed a rotating drum: this drum is coated with an 80 micron (0.08 mm) filter membrane on its periphery.

The dirty water from the basin is directed into the drum and, to leave the filter, the water must pass through the filter membrane.

The water from the basin, which is freed from the particles, leaves this screen and is directed towards the biological part of the filter.

As the dirty water passes through the drum, the particles are deposited by obstructing the small holes in the membrane, which gradually clogs.

The passage of the water is braked, which causes a difference in level between the downstream and the upstream of the sieve.

At this time, the detection system starts a drum cleaning cycle. At this moment, the drum rotates very slowly and the nozzles arranged on the upper part (outer side of the drum) project a jet of water onto the filter membrane: under the pressure of the water, the smallest dirt is expelled from the Filter membrane.

These dirt are recovered in a gutter and directed to the sewer. The upstream / downstream water level is restored to the next cycle.

This cleaning is minimalist: it only intervenes when necessary.

This model also includes a biological filter: water first passes from the drum part (mechanical filtration) to the biological part from which it will then be evacuated to the basin.


They are numerous and the first one comes to mind: good filtration is based on the principle of removing as quickly as possible a maximum of particles and extracting them from the water of the basin so that they can no longer harm.

Biological filtration is less stressed, which in many cases can reduce its volume.

Second big advantage: the water is clear all year round, without the cleaning chores.

Regarding the biological part of the filter: the manufacturers propose for the majority of biological filters fluidized (the media are brewed by air). By being reasonable, the amount of media is enough in most cases. If your pool has an abnormally high density of residents, you have the option of providing an additional biological filter (and different, which is preferable).

The highlights of this model

An easy-to-use waterproof microcontroller keeps track of the main functions of the filter.

Cleaning of the automatic screen or with Timer.

A powerful pump is integrated into the filter for rinsing the drum.

80 micron sieves easy to remove separately.

Biological filter type moving bed with Hel-X 13.

Possible integration of a planned oasis sterilizer.

Digital Thermometer.


Matériau plastique, acier Inox, fibres de verre
Mode de filtration pompage
Dimensions cuve L x l x H mm 885 x 685 x 820
Dimensions tambour D x L mm 500 x 160
Tamis microns 80
Entrée 1 x 2"
Sortie mm 1 x 110
Sortie eaux usées mm 110 mm
Débit max m3 / h 12,5
Quantité media biologique l 40 Hel-X 13
Tension 230 V / 50 Hz
Tension du moteur 230 V / 50 Hz
Puissance pompe rinçage W 870
Puissance en fonctionnement normal W 5
Débit buse de pulvérisation L / min 2 x 3,5
Pression pompe de rinçage bar 4
Poids kg 79,5
Inclus Raccords pour UV Bitron
Inclus Unité de commande
Inclus Thermomètre digital
Dimensions L x l x H 885 x 685 x 820 mm
Dimension du tambour D x L 500 x 160 mm
Débit maxi 12,5 m3 / heure
Nombre d'entrées 1 x 2'
Nombre de sortie 1 x 110 mm
Modèle pompage Oui
Matériau ABS, acier Inox
Pompe pression interne Inclus
Tamis 80 microns
Inclus 40 litres Hel-X

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