Plug & Swim Pallet Biopool Type 4


The ideal solution for professional and compact filtration!

Complete filtration completely installed on pallet!

11 490,00 € tax incl.

The ideal solution for professional and compact filtration!

This filtration system comes fully pre-assembled on a plastic pallet with an HDPE back panel. Only the power cable still needs to be connected to the junction box. Suitable for ponds of ± 80m³ or (koi) ponds up to 40 m³.

Thanks to the self-priming pump, this system can be used both above ground and underground.


Sustainable filtration through optimal use of water, energy and water treatment agents.

Respect for the environment and reduction of operating costs.


The biead filter is mainly cleaned using a blower, so that only a limited amount of water is removed during backwashing. This water is 100% recyclable for watering the garden!


Optimum water flow due to low filter resistance. The same filtration volume is thus obtained with less energy consumption. Thanks to the variable speed pump, energy consumption is reduced.


UV-C disinfection and algae control are based on phosphorus removers and the use of liquid beneficial bacteria. These bacteria also remove most organic waste from the water. This system is 100% organic and can therefore be used safely for ponds with fish!


AquaForte puts the well-being of swimming enthusiasts and the environment first. Achieving healthy, clear and clean bathing water is at the heart of this filtration system.


3 x 63mm inlet equipped with ball valves for the pre-filter.

3 x Return 63mm (individually adjustable with Ø63mm ball valve).

Bypass system for heat pump fitted with 63mm ball valves.

Bypass system for Phospat cartridge filter with 63mm ball valves.

1 x Extra-large pre-filter (8 litres!) with easy-to-clean filter basket.

1 x Victoria Silence VS pump.

1 x AquaForte UltraBead UB-60 filter.

1 x AquaForte Buster 140 watt UV-C

1 x AquaForte Phosphat 3 cartridge filter to remove phosphate.

2 x AquaForte Dosatech for Phosfree dosing. (liquid phosphate remover) and Microbe-lift bacteria

1 x Distribution box for 6 outlets with 16A fuse and 30mA leakage protection.

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