AquaForte Prime 40 Drum Filter


PRIME drum filter for pumping or gravity mode.

3 995,00 € tax incl.


The filter mainly consists of a tank in which a rotating drum is housed: this drum is covered with a filter membrane on its periphery.

Dirty water from the pond is directed inside the drum and, to leave this filter, the water must pass through the filter membrane.

The water from the pool, which is free of particles, leaves the filter and is directed to biological filtration.

As the dirty water passes through the drum, the particles are deposited, blocking the small holes in the membrane which gradually becomes clogged.

The passage of water is slowed down, which causes a difference in level between the downstream and upstream sides of the sieve.

At this time, the detection system starts a drum cleaning cycle. From this moment, the drum rotates very slowly and the nozzles placed on the upper part (external side of the drum) project jets of water onto the filter membrane: under the pressure of the water, the smallest dirt is expelled from the filter membrane.

This dirt is collected in a gutter and directed to the sewer. The upstream/downstream water level is restored until the next cycle.

This cleaning is minimalist: it only occurs when necessary.


PP frame 10 mm / PP15 mm / PP15 mm drum

316/304 stainless steel / UV resistant gasket

1 x 110 mm Waste water drainage

75/120 micron stainless steel 316 sieve panel

Removable spray boom

Removable waste water channel

Rinsing the waste water channel (adjustable)

INOX rinsing pump 5 bar

With lid

Control box

Automatic sensor cleaning with probes

Manual control

Adjustable spin/rinse time

The controller is very easy to use. Rinse level and dry running level are set
by a sensor with measuring tips. The rinsing time is adjustable. Motor sockets
of the drum, the rinsing pump and the circulation pump. Protection against dry running of the
circulation pump as standard. Possibility of manual rinsing by push button.

All parts are assembled in modules and can therefore be quickly replaced

Comes with a complete manual

With CE marking

5 year warranty.

Mode de filtration pompage / gravitaire
Matériau PP / Inox
Dimensions cuve L x l x H mm 1160 x 780 x 740
Hauteur montage au-dessus du niveau d'eau (gravitaire) mm 120
Tamis microns 120
Entrée mm 4 x 110
Sortie mm 9 x 110
Sortie eaux usées mm 110
Débit maxi gravitaire m3/h 40
Débit maxi pompage m3/h 28
Tension nominale V 230 / 50 Hz
Couple moteur Nm 50
Pression pompe de rinçage bar 5
Mode contrôleur Auto /  manuel

UVC lamp.


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