Water Trio Oase


Water Trio Oase

585,00 € tax incl.

Extremely flexible, Water Trio fits perfectly into any garden.

The terraces are transformed into spaces of life from which one observes the orchestra, the toes in fan. Thanks to the "Plug'n'Spray" concept

The sets of water are installed quickly and the installed programs are selected with the remote control to vary the speed and the height of the jet.


High quality game of eu, with three different jets and LED illumination.

Usable instantly, easy connection.

The different heights of water jets (30 to 140 cm) and the intensity of light vary in loop within well-defined programs.

The programs are selectable by remote control, up to 80 m distance.

Can be connected to a timer.

Installation on different supports is possible.

Rugged sole reinforces protection against damage.

Easy maintenance.

Reduced energy consumption.

12 V technology for reliable energy efficiency.

Can be used in biological pools.

Included in delivery: 3 pumps / nozzles, external control, transformer and cable.

Warranty: 2 + 1.

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