Saki Hikari Balance Sinking

Saki Hikari Balance Sinking

59,50 € tax incl.

Daily flowing food, for professionals or Koi lovers of quality, promoting growth by causing little waste.


The nutrient balance gives a taste easily accepted by most Koi.

Improved food efficiency that reduces waste. This results in better biological efficiency of the pond, less maintenance of filtration and better water quality. Strengthens the digestive system of the Koi: this results in better assimilation of nutrients, and therefore faster growth.

Predictable growth, beautiful morphology, gloss luster and no negative impact on the Shiroji (white areas of the skin).

Increases energy reserves, which has a positive impact on activity level and development.

Saki-Hikari is more effective when used without interruption. The food should be used daily and exclusively because the benefits of Hikari-Germ are lost if this feed is interrupted.

Intermittent feeding or mixing with other foods does not give the same performance.


Food for quality Koi with potential.

Feed carefully and give the amount your fish will consume completely in a few minutes, depending on the water temperature, pond condition and fish activity level.

Type of food

Sinking food 3 kg or 20 kg Medium

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