Fish Feeder AquaForte 8 Liters

Fish Feeder AquaForte 8 L

159,00 € tax incl.

Revolutionary concept in terms of design and reliability.

Very suitable for humid climatic conditions.

Easy to assemble for fixed installation. The lid has a special compartment for sachets of silica gel or moisturizers to keep food very dry.

Can hold up to 8 liters of food: very easy to extend up to 15 liters by mounting an additional 7-liter container.

Can feed 3 to 10 mm pellets. Not suitable for dried shrimp.

Quantity of food adjustable from 5 g to 3 kg per day.

Interval options from 0 to 9 days and 1 to 6 times a day.


Feed capacity of 8 liters (expandable to 15 liters).

Various power source options (not included)

- or 4 AA batteries

- either on the mains with the SK672 adapter

- either a rechargeable battery (SK678) which can be charged by solar panel (SK676) and with a charger (SK680).

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