Dome aeration for bottom outlet

Dome aeration for bottom outlet

228,50 € tax incl.

Dome with EPDM diaphragm diffuser microperforated: to complete your bung which does not have it.

This membrane causes a column of fine bubbles: when the air pump is stopped, the pores of the membranes close, preventing the intrusion of pollutants.

Since the opening of the pores takes place under the impulses of the pump, the bacterial biofilm can not easily be deposited, which avoids the usual clogging of ordinary diffusers.

The convection movement created by this aerator is excellent for the oxygenation of the basin. The lower layers of water are thus raised to the surface by convection effect, and are enriched in oxygen by the air / water interface.

The aim is therefore not to oxygenate the basin mainly because of the air bubbles emitted by this diffuser (the bubbles that rise do not have time to release an enormous amount of oxygen anyway!) But to oxygenate The basin by convection effect.

The recommended minimum flow rate is 20 l / min per meter of basin depth: in summer, the flow must obviously be adapted.

Choice of two models according to the diameter of the central tube of your bung: 48,2 or 50 mm.

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