UV immersion Amalgam Air-Aqua

UV immersion Amalgam Air-Aqua

129,00 € tax incl.

Air-Aqua immersion unit ready to be connected to your ballast (available separately if you do not have one): this unit includes an Amalgam lamp set in a quartz and a cable with connector.


Since the lamp is positioned directly in a tank (filter, collector, drum filter, etc.), it does not cause any load losses on the hydraulic network of the basin.

The circulation pump is relieved since it no longer has to force the passage of water into the duct and the connections of the UV which are sometimes very narrow.

This helps to improve the flow rate of the pump.

Since the penetration of UVC radiation into clear water is of the order of several tens of cm, a cylindrical volume of 50 cm to 100 cm in length can be completely irradiated in a few seconds. Very good performance!

It is obvious that this type of UV is to be positioned exclusively in the biggest spaces that are, in order to benefit from a good yield.

The Air-Aqua lamps are all of Amalgam type, long life with better performance in cold water.

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