UVC immersion Inazuma HD Pro 50000


UVC immersion Inazuma HD Pro 50000

563,00 € tax incl.

Superior quality UVC immersion sterilizer with lamp that can be directly submerged.

The pack includes the control box, ballast, cables, 1 lamp and quartz, it is complete, ready to operate.

This box allows you to operate two HD Pro 50000 lamps.

The electronic ballast gradually heats up the lamp (s) for longer life, so even when you turn the lamp on and off repeatedly, its life is hardly affected.

16,000 hour lamp life with 50% more power than a regular Amalgam lamp!

Vertical or horizontal installation.

Matériau Acier Inox 1.4404
Tension nominale V 230 V / 50 Hz
Puissance max du ballast W 130
Puissance de la lampe W 55
Durée de vie de la lampe heure 16000
Câble Silicone m 3
Classe protection stérilisateur IP 68
Classe protection du boitier IP 65

UVC radiation is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause serious damage.

Do not operate the lamp out of water: the appliance must only operate in a closed and opaque container, with a lid that is safe for children.

A switch must cut off the power to the device in the event of an intervention.

Always keep the device in immersion (for your health, and the durability of the device).

The user is solely responsible for the dangers of exposure to UVC.

This device is intended to equip a filter or container designed for this. If you decide to acquire such equipment, and have it installed in your filtration, it is imperative that you ensure that it is impossible to have visual or direct contact with the UVC lamp. This is your responsibility.

We only sell branded immersion UVs, designed for filters of the same brand, or devices that can replace the first ones but on condition that they are used as indicated in the manual of your filter.

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