Tank UVC AquaForte

UV immersion AquaForte

189,00 € tax incl.

AquaForte immersion UV: UVC sterilizer whose lamp is immersed in a large container: this in order to benefit from maximum performance.

The Tank UV-C is a convenient variant of immersion UV-C; it is not fully submerged in water but mounted to the wall with a screw. In this way, the filter can easily be equipped with a UV lamp without loss of pressure for the pump. Available with a normal ballast or a "Signal" ballast which indicates when the lamp needs to be replaced. Maximum wall thickness: 20mm. Fits into a Ø48mm hole. Maximum pressure/depth: 1 bar/10 meters.


This UVC lamp is mounted in a filter wall by means of a threaded wall bushing.
Thus, a filter or any container can easily be equipped with a UVC lamp: the two advantages are on the one hand, the reduction of the pressure loss of the water pump, and on the other hand, a better efficiency of UVC sterilization by a much longer contact time between the lamp and the water.

The Tank UVC is available in four models:

40 or 80 Watt UVC tank with standard lamp
Tank UVC Signal 40 or 80 Watt Amalgam.

Signal models have an LED timer:

green LED, the lamp works for the normal life,
Flashing green LED: UVC lamp should be replaced within 500 hours.
Red LED: The UVC lamp should be replaced as soon as possible.

The maximum wall thickness for installation in the filter is 20 mm.
Hole diameter: a 48mm hole.
Maximum pressure: 1 bar
Maximum depth: 10 meters.
Installation length: 40 watt Amalgam lamp, 36 cm and 80 Watt Amalgam lamp, 62 cm.

Installation length standard lamps 40 and 80 Watt, 85 cm

Model sold complete with the lamp, wall crossing... Except the container!


UVC radiation is harmful to the eyes and the skin and can cause serious damage.

Do not operate the lamp out of water: the device must only operate in a closed, opaque container with a secure lid for children.

Always keep the device immersed (for your health and the durability of the device).

The user is solely responsible for the dangers of exposure to UVC.

Our company cannot be held responsible in the event of injuries following the use of an immersion UV.

This device is intended to equip a filter or container provided for this. If you decide to acquire such equipment, and have it installed in your filtration, you must make it impossible to have direct or visual contact with the UVC lamp. It is your responsibility.

We exclusively sell brand immersion UVs, designed for filters of the same brand, or devices that can replace the first but provided that you use them as indicated in the manual for your filter.

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