UVC lamp Inazuma HD Pro 50000

Replacement UVC lamp Inazuma HD Pro 50000

Two models depending on your system version.

119,00 € tax incl.

UVC HD Pro 50000 Inazuma lamp 55 Watt.

Original piece Inazuma!

Two models depending on the version of your system, (see photo).

HD Pro 50,000 V1 old model - Ref IK1740

HD Pro 50000 V2 new model - Ref IK4020

HD Pro V2 systems have been shipped since mid-2019, the spare part number is printed on the quartz and the lamp.


UVC radiation is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause serious damage.

Do not run the lamp out of the water: the device must operate only in the filter.

Always keep the device in immersion (for your health, and the durability of the device).

The user is solely responsible for the dangers of exposure to UVC.

A small surcharge is required to ensure secure shipping.

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