Anarex Bio Logisch 4

Anarex Bio Logique 4

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Anarex-Bio® logic4 is a 100% biological, multifunctional product, developed from scrupulously selected strains, and composed of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acids, enzymes and yeasts.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 is by no means harmful to pond water, nitrifying bacteria, koi, plants, humans or the environment.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 directs and directs natural microorganisms, resulting in a better biotope / climate, favorable for optimal growth of fish and plants

Anarex-Bio® logic4 makes the immune system more efficient, by fortifying the intestinal functions to a very large extent, which results in the koi absorbing more and better the necessary elements, being found in the food of the fish.

What is Anarex-Bio® Logic4, and what does it do?

1. Prevent and combat bacterial infections

2. Repairs and optimizes intestinal function

3. heals wounds, no scars

4. balances the basin and filter

5. Condition and improve pond water

The fish becomes more resistant and the morphology of its body develops perfectly. It is better protected against diseases.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 was tested for several years, with quite satisfactory results, in ponds where mostly Japanese Koi swam, under the most diverse conditions and throughout the territory of the EU

Anarex-Bio® logic4 is particularly suitable for the control of most bacterial infections, caused by pathogenic bacteria, such as aeromonas and pseudomonas bacteria, better known for their consequences, such as disease of holes, putrefaction of the mouth and Fins, and mycoses

Anarex-Bio® logic4 restores the natural balance of your pond by accelerating the transformation of ammonia and nitrites into nitrogen.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 accelerates the decomposition of waste from your pond, resulting in a much less loaded filter and a pond with a higher water quality, which can only benefit the health of your Koi.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 is guaranteed harmless to the nitrifying bacteria, essential to the filter and water of the pond; It does not affect your fish, plants, pets and yourself

Anarex-Bio® logic4 does not reject negative residues and can be applied without limits

Anarex-Bio® logic4 warns in many cases, even if your Koi should take antibiotics or other chemicals, as medication. The administration of antibiotics and chemicals frequently disrupts the development and growth of your Koi: these products destroy nitrifying bacteria and also make the essential balance of your pond and your Koi unstable by the deposit of toxic materials

Anarex-Bio® logic4 does not need to be overdosed.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 is active against the majority of bacterial infections.

Does not affect viruses.

It is always better to do a preliminary analysis of the processes involved, before adding anything to your pond.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 does not make pathogenic bacteria resistant

The product can be applied without limits

Treatment Dosage

The dosage is 1 liter per 20 m3 of the contents of the pond, including the filter. It is possible to repeat the treatment.

Anarex-Bio® logic4 can be added in 1000-cc portions in a 10-liter bucket, filled half of hot tap water and half of pond water, until the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is reached.

Stir well and let rest for 2 minutes, to activate the bacteria

Disconnect UV, and-if applicable- ozone facility and protein skimmer for at least 48 hours

Distribute the contents of the bucket evenly over the entire surface of the bucket, mixed with Anarex-Bio® logic4, using a cup: do not use a watering can. Holes in the watering can clog due to deposition

The deposit constitutes a food with specific lactic acid bacteria and is also consumed by the Koi, thus allowing to treat the intestine of koi

The results will appear after 4 to 6 days. (Tests were carried out at water temperatures of 19-20 degrees Celsius: the action is delayed proportionally, at lower water temperatures).

A gray film will appear at the level of the wound, proof that the regeneration is initiated. After a short time, the gray film detaches, the wound is healed and, in the case of a koi with scales, the wounds will grow back in the same place and in the same arrangement.

Scales grow very slowly, because they have another structure, a phenomenon comparable to the nails of human beings and animals.
The complexion of the scales may differ from the previous complexion.

You will only have to wait for the complete regeneration and, no longer intervene in the meantime. Do not take fish out of the water or subject them to post-treatment.

In quarantine tank (8 to 10 ° minimum)

Only if necessary, for imperative reasons!

Make sure your quarantine tray is large enough to accommodate the size of the diseased koi. Also check the water temperature. The difference between the water temperature of the pond and that of the quarantine tank can not exceed 3 to 4 degrees.

Capture your fish cautiously and do not take it too much out of the water.

Preferably use a transport saddle and place the fish in the quarantine tank, which must be well ventilated.

Add Anarex-Bio® logic4 in the exact proportion.
Pour at least 50 ml for a 1000 liter tank, as described above.

Change at least 5% of the water per week (if the tank is filtered) and let the product do its job. Add Anarex-Bio® logic4 in proportion.

Do not touch the wounds! Leave the wounds alone! Anarex-Bio® logic4 takes care of the follow-up and ensures that the structure of the skin is restored in a few weeks.

It may take longer, depending on how quickly you have intervened and the temperature of the water.
If the injuries have been previously treated with other products, or if you have waited too long to treat, you are in most cases permanently scarred.

Preventive treatment

Begin with a full treatment at the beginning of the season, when the water reaches 8 to 10 degrees Celsius in the spring.

Normal dosage of 1 liter for 20,000 liters.

Later, you can add (every 4 to 5 weeks) just 30% of the dosage


Your pond will be preserved throughout the season of most bacterial diseases.

A healthy and sustainable balance will settle in your pond

The transformation of organic matter into the pond will be accelerated.

The nitrification process will be favored in the pond and in the filter

Packages of 1, 5 or 10 liters

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