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SuperTab - 12 Tabs 20 g - 10 %

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SuperTab: box of 12 tablets of 20 grams - 10 %

SuperTab consists of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the form of a tablet.

This is a new development intended in particular to facilitate strongly the application of the product.

Chlorine dioxide (not to be confused with chlorine!) Is a relatively small oxidizer.

It is for this reason that it can be found in the free state at a certain concentration in drinking water, as well as in ponds or ponds housing animals and other living beings.


Reduces the number of anaerobic bacteria, viruses and molds.

Significantly increases the level of fish activity.

Neutralizes organic waste.

Slowly cleans the system and pipes.

Avoids the development of resistant populations of bacteria, viruses and molds.

Practically no effect on plant life.

Reduces the odor of water.

Easy to dose.

Effective at low dosage.

Free from any toxic by-products.

What is this product?

Chlorine dioxide is a unique oxidant that, even at very low concentrations, is extremely effective in removing pathogenic viruses, molds and bacteria.

Anaerobic bacteria are unable to develop resistance against chlorine dioxide because the substance destroys their cellular structure. Chlorine dioxide is a highly selective oxidizer that reacts primarily with organic substances.

Chlorine dioxide does not produce toxic residues. Only a very small amount of chloride (identical to cooking salt) remains after use. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide is, at low concentrations, odorless in water.

Its greatest advantage, compared to other oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, ozone, chlorine), is its low oxidizing power, combined with its high oxidizing capacity. It is widely used for the conditioning of drinking water, for the processing and storage of food, for fruit production, or in the meat processing industry.

Low oxidizing power

The more potent an oxidant, the more dangerous it is for living organisms.

Ozone can not be present in water in the free state because of its potency and possible adverse effects on fish, to name but a few. For this reason, ozone is always used in the absence of fish, and care is taken to ensure that there is no ozone residue in the treated water.

Oxygen is a very weak oxidant: for this reason, as much as possible there must be in the water to eliminate the pathogens and to neutralize the reducing harmful substances.

Chlorine dioxide has a higher oxidizing power than oxygen and is much weaker than ozone. A permanent presence in water, at low concentration, therefore poses no problem for fish and other living organisms.

Moreover, biological filters are also much less sensitive to chlorine dioxide, compared with other oxidants, precisely because of its low oxidizing power.

High oxidizing capacity

To neutralize the same amount of contaminant, the amount of chlorine dioxide required is 2.5 times less than that of other oxidants. In other words, the concentration of chlorine dioxide should be only 40% of that of other oxidants to remove the same amount of anaerobic bacteria, or to neutralize the same amount of organic matter.

Since the concentration required to achieve the same effect is only 40%, it follows that living things are much less affected.

Unlike many other oxidants, chlorine dioxide is also very effective at low temperatures and at high pH values. In the dark, chlorine dioxide is slightly less effective, which allows to minimize its adverse effects on biological filters.

Since anaerobic bacteria (pathogens) possess a very thin envelope, a very low concentration is sufficient to eradicate them.

Because of these various properties, SuperTab is perfectly adapted to the needs of the fish farming industry.

In practice, the effect of chlorine dioxide is all the more marked as it is used over time:

Less bacterial problems.

Improved cleanliness of walls and pipes.

Odor of cooler water.

Fish significantly more active.

One SuperTab tablet is sufficient to treat 50,000 liters of pond water.

It is advisable to repeat the treatment each week as the product is consumed gradually. Such a dosage is equivalent to a concentration of 0.04 mg / liter, resulting in a marked reduction in bacterial pressure, without having a negative effect on biology and fish culture.

At higher concentrations, from 0.1 to 0.5 mg / liter, chlorine dioxide is very effective in greatly reducing and / or treating bacterial problems affecting fish.

According to the German Drinking Water Standard (TrinkwV2001), the maximum permitted concentration of chlorine dioxide in drinking water is 0.4 mg / liter.

Application examples

Basin in Koi

Start-up and maintenance during the season

In ponds, it is important to contain the rise in bacterial pressure, and to control its level. For a maintenance dosage, it is advisable to use a concentration of 0.04 mg / L, which corresponds to 1 SuperTab tablet per 50,000 liters of water.

If you have a 10,000 liter pond, you can dissolve 1 SuperTab in a 1 liter jerrycan and then add 200 mL. The solution is kept for 6-8 weeks, provided it is kept cool and protected from light.

The amount added to the pond is consumed fairly quickly, especially when the organic load is very high (eg when first used). In this case, it is preferable to repeat the dosage every 2 days, and this 4 times in a row.

In addition to reducing the bacterial pressure, a large amount of organic matter disappears from the walls after a long period of use. Gradually, your pond acquires an increasingly clean appearance.

High bacterial pressure

If the bacterial pressure in the pond is very high, increase the dosage to 1 SuperTab tablet per 20,000 liters, or even 1 SuperTab per 10,000 liters. If this dosage is repeated every day for one week, the bacterial pressure will decrease drastically.

Swimming pool

For bathing ponds, it is advisable to use a higher concentration, on the order of 0.08 - 0.1 mg / liter. The product does not contain chlorinated gas, which makes it perfectly indicated to greatly reduce bacterial pressure.

Bathing ponds tend to develop a layer of sediment after some time. It is for this reason that bacterial pressure often increases

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