Lactobacilles Pond Support

Lactobacilles Pond Support

11,00 € tax incl.

One of the cheapest probiotics on the market!

Bacterial formula with, among others, lactobacilli, enzymes, yeasts and probiotics.

Natural product very effective to prevent and cure bacterial infections and parasitic pathologies.

What is Lactobacilli Pond Support?

A Probiotic containing Lactobacillus, a family of harmless bacteria, very useful for the prevention and maintenance of koi under optimal conditions.

Lactobacilli Pond Support prevents and fights bacterial infections.


> Improves intestinal transit: this is important because koi have only one intestine to ensure digestion ...

> Improves water quality.

> Stimulates the immune system of koi.

> Does not harm the nitrifying bacteria of the filtration of your pond.

Lactobacilli Pond Support a probiotic concentrated formulation: 500 ml are sufficient for 20 m3.

Use as preventive

Lactobacilli Pond Support is poured twice a month into the basin: the dosage is 250 ml per 10,000 liters.

The first dosage is 500 ml per 10,000 liters, then twice a month with 250 ml per 10,000 liters.

Shake well before use: just like other products containing Lactobacillus, the product does not smell very good, but this is normal and harmless. This is a natural product!

Pour Lactobacilli Pond Support into a bucket of water from the basin supplemented with lukewarm water: let stand a few minutes.

Then pour to the surface of the basin which will be slightly cloudy for two days.

Cut UV and ozone for 24 hours.

Choice of 1 or 5 liters.

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