Microbe-Lift Thera-P

Microbe-Lift Thera-P

24,00 € tax incl.

Thera-P improves resistance against pathogenic germs and parasites thanks to its probiotic action!

Delivers on a natural ecosystem, improved overall fish health and improved water quality.

Suitable for all types of pond fish.

Prevention is better than cure and good water quality is essential to prevent disease.


Ensures the growth and maintenance of beneficial bacteria that support disease prevention.

Biological support of a healthy environment, which leads to a healthier breeding environment.

Stimulates the immune system of fish. Strengthens healthy fish growth.

Increases dissolved oxygen levels.

Contains nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria.

Oxide of ammonia and nitrite. Also reduces nitrate levels.

Very useful in case of overpopulation.

Reduces stress.

Decomposes fish excreta and non-ingested food.

Ensures the priming of biological filters and helps to maintain them.

Active over a wide range of pH values.

Does not drastically alter the mineral balance of pond water.

Fighting against unpleasant odors.

Can be used simultaneously with all Microbe-Lift products.


4 liters to treat 50 m3 for 2 weeks.


Bottle of 1 or 4 liters.

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