Microbe-Lift Flocculant Plus


Microbe-Lift Flocculant Plus

23,10 € tax incl.

Flocculant Plus is an exclusive formula developed to agglomerate the suspended matter in the basin in order to make them flow and to evacuate them towards the filtration.

The flocs sediment much more rapidly than the primary particles from which they are formed.


Makes the water cloudy limpid.

Inoffensive for fish and plants.

Attracts particles of dirt in suspension and makes them precipitate.

Improved filtration.


Add 30 ml per 3750 liters of water from the pond.

Ventilate and filter the pond for maximum clarity.

After disruption of the milky shine, the situation improves within 12 to 24 hours.

Harmless for fish and plants.


Bottle of 1 liter.

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