Microbe-Lift Natural Algae Control


Microbe-Lift Natural Algae Control

59,00 € tax incl.

Microbe-Lift Natural Algae Control for swimming pools.

Liquid extract of barley straw that naturally controls the undesirable growth of algae.

Natural Algae Control binds excess nutrients from organic waste in the water.

Barley straw has been used for centuries to bind nutrients and as an auxiliary to obtain clear water.

Natural Algae Control effectively ensures the binding and maintenance of essential nutrients for algae growth in a natural process that is safe for the environment, people, animals and plants.


Acts immediately after dosing.

Harmless to people, animals and plants.

Can be used throughout the year.

No residue, contrary to straw.

A bottle replaces several straws of barley straw.


If little or no algae (only maintenance), use half a dose.

In case of moderate growth of algae, apply the dose below.

In case of strong growth of algae, double the dose.

Volume du bassin

en litres

Dose de départ

au printemps

4 semaines consécutives

1 fois par semaine


1 fois par mois

50.000 à 100.000 1 litre 500 ml 250 ml
100.000 à 200.000 2 litres 1 litre 500 ml
200.000 à 400.000 4 litres 2 litres 1 litre
400.000 à 600.000 5 litres 2,5 litres 1,25 litre


Bottle of 4 liters.

About Microbe-Lift bathing products

Microbe-Lift offers a complete range of products to keep your pond crystal clear and healthy.

Natural-Clear removes unwanted organic waste.

Natural Algae Control reduces algae growth.

Natural Sludge Reducer breaks down the bottom sludge.

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