Microbe-Lift Filter Gel


Microbe-Lift Filter Gel

24,10 € tax incl.

Microbe-Lift Filter Gel is a technological breakthrough because it is the first product to dose bacteria in the desired place and fix them there.

Filter Gel quickly adheres to the filter material (carpet, foam, etc.) and proliferates, accelerating the biological activation of your filter.

In addition, it also ensures rapid restoration of filter activity after cleaning or replacement of the filter material.


Easy application on various filtering agents.

Contains the same bacterial spectrum as Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear.

Contains also natural bio-polymers which make the bacteria quickly adhere to the filter material, which reduces the start-up phase by 80%.

Helps the pond environment stabilize quickly after the start-up phase and avoids potential instability when the filter material is replaced or flushed.

Allows filters to be rinsed more often in ponds subjected to high stresses without inducing instability.

Reduces the rinsing frequency due to the accelerated decomposition of organic dirt, which requires, if not more maintenance.

Helps initiate denitrification in the filter, which decreases the nitrate content of the pond.


Spread FIlter Gel directly onto the filter material.

Disconnect the circulation pump for 1 to 2 hours and thoroughly aerate the water during this time.

Repeat this dosage when replacing or cleaning the filter material.

For normal maintenance, use Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear.


Bottle of 1 liter.

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