Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme

Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme

18,20 € tax incl.

Microbe Lift Aqua Xtreme is a complete liquid water conditioner formulated on a scientific basis for ponds in Koi and goldfish.

Use Aqua Xtreme:

> Directly after filling or refilling with fresh water.

> When bringing fish into the pond.

> When transporting fish.

 > After heavy or prolonged rains.

It is very important to use Aqua Xtreme when there are chloramines (chlorine bound) in makeup water.

Conventional "anti-chlorine" products make chlorine harmless in chloramines, but do not attack the ammonia released during this process.

Aqua Xtreme makes both chlorine and ammonia harmless in chloramines.


A water conditioner in its own right.

Makes nitrite harmless.

Extracts chlorine and ammonia.

Destroys chloramines.

Makes copper and heavy metals harmless.

Increases alkalinity (KH).

Provides essential electrolytes.

Contains polymers that protect epidermal mucus.

Helps reduce stress.

Immediately ensures 'mature' pond water.


Use 100 ml per 750 liters of pond water.


Bottle of 1 liter for 7500 liters.

Bottle of 4 liters for 30000 liters.

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