Microbe-Lift Spring Summer Cleaner


Microbe-Lift Spring Summer Cleaner

22,10 € tax incl.

Designed specifically to accelerate the decomposition of leaves, small stems and other dead organic waste.

Spring is the ideal season to clean and revitalize your pond after the cold and harsh winter months. This is a seasonal approach to obtaining a proper organic balance in ponds.

Microbe-Lift Spring Summer Cleaner helps accelerate the decomposition of dead leaves, mud and other organic waste that have accumulated during the fall and winter.

Cellulase enzymes are the driving force behind the decomposition of this type of waste. It is essential to prevent waste from accumulating at the bottom of your pond.

The dead organic waste will compost, which attacks your filtration system and is detrimental to the quality of the water.


Gives your pond a head start to create a healthier environment in the spring.

Reduces the accumulation of dead leaves and organic precipitates.

Customized packaging, easy to use.


Box of 8 sachets of 57 grams water soluble cellulase enzymes to treat 20 m3.

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