Microbe-Lift Phosphate Remover

Microbe-Lift Phosphate Remover

23,40 € tax incl.

Phosphate Remover is a blend of polymers with special properties, including the ability to fix large amounts of phosphate without affecting the water quality of the pond. Phosphates originate from the decomposition of organic substances such as food residues, dead plant residues etc.

Although phosphates are essential to life, they are harmful at high concentrations and cause problems of water quality as well as the proliferation of algae.

A concentration of 0.3 mg per liter is recommended.


Removes phosphate safely from the pond water.

Harmless for fish and plants.


Use 30 ml of Phosphate Remover per 400 liters of water.

Depending on the quality of water, the amount of organic waste and fish, 30 ml of product can extract between 1 and 1.5 mg of phosphate per liter.

If the phosphate concentration remains high, repeat the assay.

In case of high phosphate concentration, several treatments may be required to solve the excess phosphate problem.

This bottle can handle up to 12,000 liters of pond water.


Bottle of 1 or 4 liters.

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