Microbe-Lift Super Start

Microbe-Lift Super Start

23,10 € tax incl.

Special formula for bead filters and other biological filters.

As with most biomechanical filters, the power of bead filters resides in the use of a filtering agent having a large surface area of ​​adhesion to the volume. This support material provides biomass with sufficient biomass to effectively remove organic and inorganic waste from the water, making it ideal for life in the pond.

In this biological film, it is possible to perform aerobic, facultative anaerobic, anaerobic and chemosynthetic processes provided that all the required bacteria are present.

Microbe-Lift Super Start contains all these bacteria to perform all of these processes and ensure optimal functioning of your filter.


Quick start of filters to decompose organic waste.

Rapid decomposition of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

Reduces sludge accumulation in the filter and improves filter efficiency by preventing channel formation.

Quickly restores the filter after using medications and antibiotics.

Decomposes residues of drugs such as formalin products which, after use, are harmful to bacteria.

Active over a wide range of pH values.

Strongly reduces unpleasant odors.

Reduces hydrogen sulphide which diffuses a strong unpleasant odor.


When starting the filter, use Super Start for 4 weeks.

For maintenance, use Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear

Volume du bassin


300 à 750 60 ml
750 à 2000 100 ml
2000 à 4000 150 ml
4000 à 20000 200 ml
20000 à 40000 300 ml
40000 à 80000 500 ml
80000 à 120000 750 ml
120000 à 160000 1000 ml


Bottle of 1 or 4 liters.

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