Microbe-Lift Sludge Away

Microbe-Lift Sludge Away

21,90 € tax incl.

Sludge Away accelerates biological evacuation of slowly decomposing sludge that is potentially toxic to fish and plants.

When organic particles accumulate at the bottom of the pond, they rot and release toxic gases.

These gaseous derivatives endanger the life in the pond.

Microbe-lift Sludge Away decomposes the organic bottom sludge, thus reducing or eliminating the formation of gas and also helps to make the water of the pond clear.

Sludge Away is ideal for ponds with a substrate bottom or when it is difficult to use bottom vacuum cleaners.

Faster action at hot temperatures, but can be used throughout the year.


Ensures rapid and natural decomposition of bottom sludge

80% faster than comparable products.

Binds the phosphates.

Helps to make the pond water crystal clear.

100% active ingredients.

Quickly diffuses into the water.



The base dose is 100 ml per 1250 liters of pond water.

The first month: 100 ml per 1250 liters of pond water per week, then once a month 100 ml per 1250 liters of pond water.


Bottle of 1 or 4 liters.

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